Lockout Lifted

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 9:14am

NFL training camps will resume while labor negotiations continue.

A federal judge sided with NFL players Monday and granted their request for a preliminary injunction to lift the NFL lockout.

In a ruling seen as an early victory for players U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson ordered an end to the lockout, saying she was swayed by the players argument that the lockout was causing irreparable harm to their careers.

Owners imposed the lockout on March 11th, forcing players to workout on their own and forcing both sides into federal court ordered mediation.

Monday night the NFL promised an immediate appeal and released a statement saying in part:

"...we also believe this dispute will inevitably end with a collective bargaining agreement, which would be in the best interest of players, clubs and fans".

The biggest issues dividing the owners and players are how to divide the league's $9 billion business and benefits for retired players.

The two sides last met with a mediator last week, and both offered signs of hope.

"I think everybody has come here with the idea to have a 2011 season and it has just not been easy to get to that point," said former player Carl Eller.

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