Locked In A Shed

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 1:42pm

Man accused of holding teenage girl in his backyard shed.

Police have arrested a Louisville, Kentucky man after they say he locked a teenager in a shed.

35-year-old Peter Provenzano is charged with custodial interference for locking a 16-year-old girl inside his backyard storage shed with a padlock.

The girl's mother didn't want to talk on camera or use her name, but she says this whole ordeal has torn her family apart.

The mother doesn't believe her daughter was being held against her will.

Neither do the man's neighbors.

"She didn't have no gun to her head, balls or chains, nothing like that," said a neighbor of Provenzano. "She walked around every day, she walked to the store, the ice cream shop. She walked around like we did."

Provenzano's arrest comes just weeks after the teenager's mother filed a missing person's report.

The girl's mother said her daughter had started some sort of romantic relationship with Provenzano after she was working with him on some carpeting and tile work jobs.

According to a police report, the mother didn't know where the two were.

Police say Provenzano was buying the teen birth control to entice her to stay at his house and not to go back to her mother's.

Police says the girl's mother made numerous attempts to contact and text message Provenzano, but told police she was threatened and was told to leave them alone.

The teen's mother says she still doesn't understand why her daughter was locked in a shed, but says she does not believe her daughter was being held against her will with Provenzano.

Neighbors agree.

"Nobody was locked in his garage," said the neighbor. "We are out every day he just built that
garage a couple of days ago to put his work tools in."

Provenzano is being held on $200,000 full cash bond.

He was in court October 12 and pled not guilty.

He will be back in court to face the custodial interference charge on October 21.

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