Locked away

Locked away
Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 8:48am

Five year autistic girl found covered in filth and locked away in New Mexico home.

(KOB) Most people wouldn't even treat an animal the way this 5-year-old girl was found living. Chaves County deputies say they found the girl caged in a room that was covered in feces.

It all started when deputies got a call about a fight at a home just outside of Roswell. Deputies say they started talking to a couple outside the home when they saw a little girl in the window banging on the glass for help.

"Something didn't look right with this child in this situation. So we went in to make sure this child was okay," said Lt. Britt Snyder of the Chaves County Sheriff Department.

"We walked into the house, I mean the house was just filthy, you could smell the urine and the feces," said Raul Valderaz a Sergeant with the Criminal Investigation Department.

Deputies say the child was caged in her bedroom, naked and covered in feces. Once deputies were able to get inside they say the little girl grabbed one of them around the neck, wrapped her legs around him and wouldn't let go.

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