Pedestrian killed attempting to cross street

Pharr police are investigating the death of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle on Thursday night. On August 15th at 9:30 p.m. police responded to a woman being struck by a Jeep Wrangler on Sugar Road and W. Ferguson.

PSJA school district holds registration expo

Students are getting their minds into back to school mode, at least parents and teachers hope they are.

Over $1.5 million in marijuana seized in shipment of avocados

Custom and Border Patrol officers seized over $1.5 million in marijuana at the Pharr port of entry in a shipment of fresh produce.

CBP seizes over $1 million in narcotics at Pharr port of entry

Custom and Border Protection officers, working the Pharr port of entry, have seized over $1 million in narcotics in two separate incidents.

Gang members face charges for ambush

A group of gang members are facing charges for their role in a brutal attack of rival gang members.  

San Juan police arrest four in gang violence incident

San Juan police have arrested several gang members for assault other gang members with a tire iron. On Monday, July 22nd, in the late evening hours, police received a call about two individuals brutally beaten by four men.

Pharr police raid business seize packets of synthetic marijuana

A Special Investigation Unit with the Pharr Police Department conducted a search warrant at  a smoke shop and seizing packets of synthetic marijuana.

Police arrest members of prostitution ring advertising on Craigslist

The San Juan Special Investigative Unit has arrested several individuals, after receiving a tip, on prostitution charges.

Police equipment stolen in burglary of a vehicle

Pharr police are investigating the burglary of a vehicle in which a police bag, with law enforcement items, was stolen.

$2.7 million of marijuana seized inside cargo of Serrano peppers

U.S. Custom and Border Protection officers seized over $2.7 million in marijuana at a Valley port of entry over the weekend.

Duo arrested and charged with aggravated robbery of Stripes store

Three men have been arrested for their involvement in a aggravated robbery of a Stripes store in Pharr.

Chavez Elementary School students' experiment to go in space

"I was jumping, screaming and running around the house." "Very excited, I wanted to cry, but I didn’t want to show it so I just screamed."

Three suspects wanted in aggravated robbery

Pharr police are searching for three suspects involved in a aggravated robbery.

PSJA North lifter signs college letter

Cristal Cabral of PSJA North High School is officially going to the University of Houston Downtown on a powerlifting scholarship. Cabral is a two-time state champion. 

$2 million in marijuana, hidden in frozen puree, seized by CBP

Custom and Border Protection officers seized over $2 million on marijuana from a shipment of frozen fruit puree at the Pharr/Reynosa port of entry.