Harlingen driver arrested on 8th DWI charge

A Harlingen man has been arrested for the eighth time on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Tom Whitten declines Harlingen's police chief position

Tom Whitten, former Harlingen police chief and who was voted again to become the police chief by the Harlingen city commission, has decided not to accept the offer due to personal and professional situations.

Teen arrested and charged with theft of a firearm

A Harlingen teen is arrested for theft of a firearm after being linked to the stolen weapon.

Boyfriend arrested after restraining and assaulting woman for five days

A San Benito man has been arrested and charged with a number of charges after being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

Soldier surprises little sister at school

  A third grader from Dr. Rodriguez Elementary School in Harlingen got a huge surprise when her brother showed up after serving nine months in Afghanistan.

South Carolina man arrested after attempting to transport marijuana on plane flight

A South Carolina man never made his flight, after Valley International Airport police suspected he was transporting drugs in his luggage. Harlingen police were called in to further investigate.

$6 bar soap theft sends man to jail and a $15,000 bond

A Harlingen man was arrested and charged with theft after not paying for a $6 pack of Dove bar soap.

Dog owner arrested for animal cruelty after picking up his pet at animal shelter

Harlingen police arrested a dog owner for animal cruelty after being seen punching his own pet as he left the animal shelter.

The ex-police chief in Harlingen is also the new police chief in Harlingen

The ex-police chief in Harlingen is also the new police chief in Harlingen. The Harlingen City Commission emerged from a closed session on Wednesday night to vote unanimously to once again choose Tom Whitten as police chief.

Harlingen traffic stop leads to $450,000 seizure

A routine traffic stop Saturday afternoon in Harlingen resulted in the seizure of $450,000 found in a hidden compartment.

Two men charged in sexual assault of unconscious 15 year-old boy

Harlingen police arrested two men accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old boy while he was unconscious.

Two men arrested in investigation of a vehicle crashing into a home

The names of the two men arrested in Wednesday's accident, that sent the driver's car into an abandon home have been released.

Driver arrested following investigation of vehicle crashing into a home

A driver who crashed into a Harlingen home says he lost control of the vehicle right before the wreck. Police have arrested two men involved in the crash after fleeing the scene, Na'Tassia Finley has more.

Harlingen police investigate auto pedestrian accident

An early morning pedestrian crash sends a teen to the hospital, Na'Tassia Finley was on the scene as investigators were mapping out the accident, she has more on who police say was at fault.

Sam's Club opens in Harlingen

A crowd gathered in the Rio Grande Valley on Thursday, to get a look at the newest addition to the area. The first Sam's Club in Harlingen's history opened at 8 A.M.