Traffic stop leads to the arrest of two men for possession of narcotics

A Harlingen driver and his passenger are arrested for possession of narcotics after a officer witnesses a traffic violation while on patrol.

Seven men arrested in undercover prostitution sting

Harlingen police conducted a covert undercover prostitution operation that resulted the arrest of seven men.

Harlingen Medical Center hosts blood drive

A blood drive today at Harlingen Medical Center was held in an attempt to save lives and spread awareness about the need for blood donations in the Valley. To meet the Valley's demand, 175 need to donate blood everyday.

Harlingen will offer free meals to students starting this fall

Meals will be free, because beginning this fall, the Harlingen School District is expected to implement the Community Eligbility Program.

Harlingen CISD students to receive free breakfast and lunch meals

The Harlingen CISD Board of Trustees approved it's child nutrition program allowing all students to receive a free breakfast and lunch.

Police respond to domestic disturbance arrest couple for possession of marijuana

Harlingen police arrested a couple for possession of marijuana after responding to a domestic disturbance.

MMA coach to be inducted into Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Honor

Erasmo “Mo” Molina, head basketball coach for Marine Military Academy, will be inducted into the Texas High School Coaches Association 2014 Hall of Honor on July 23 in San Antonio.

Man assaults woman and three bystanders in attempted robbery of purse

A Harlingen man has been arrested for robbery and aggravated assault after stealing a purse from a woman riding her bicycle.

Woman arrested for possession of marijuana and aggravated assault

A Harlingen task force arrested a woman, identified as a narcotics smuggler, for possession of marijuana.

Man sprays air freshener into partner's eyes during verbal argument

A Harlingen man was arrested and charged with assault after he sprayed Febreze into his partner's eyes.

Traffic stop leads to couple being arrested for possession and endangering a child

A routine traffic stop leads to a Harlingen couple being charged with possession of narcotics and endangering a child.

Teen arrested for possession of a controlled substance, also charged with bribery

A Harlingen teen, arrested for possession of a controlled substance, is also charged with bribery after offering the arresting police officer $10,000 dollars to let him go.

Theft victim pings phone, police to arrest suspects

A woman's phone is stolen, her husband pings the phone which then leads police to arrest two people.

Man extradited to Harlingen on a charge of sexually assaulting a 9 year-old girl

A Harlingen mans has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 9 year-old girl.

Woman found asleep in vehicle arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia

A San Benito woman is arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after she and a child are found asleep inside a vehicle.