Two men arrested for public intoxication after breaking window

Two Harlingen men were arrested for public intoxication after the responding officer determined that both were a danger to the public and themselves.

Gender affects development of heart disease

"Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, and it's also the most preventable," said Valley Baptist Medical Center cardiologist Dr. Charles F. Mild.

Women arrested for exchanging punches outside of Human Services Office

Two Harlingen women were arrested for after arguing and punching each other while exiting the Texas Department of Human Services Office.

Marine Military Academy to host Iwo Jima parade

Marine Military Academy (MMA) will host its annual Iwo Jima Parade on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 4 p.m. on the MMA Parade Grounds.

Loud music results in the arrest of six men

A complaint of loud music, from a street corner, leads to police arresting six men on various charges.

Harlingen police arrest Rosenberg woman for stalking

Harlingen police arrested a woman from Rosenberg, Texas after another woman called police to report that she was being stalked.

Patient arrested for slapping physician and then exposing himself

Harlingen police arrested a patient at a local hospital after he assaultd a doctor and then exposed his genitals.

Harlingen South student arrested for possession of marijuana on campus

A Harlingen South high school student was arrested for marijuana possession after a K-9 unit alerted officers to his vehicle.

Harlingen man charged with four counts of making a false report to a police officer

Harlingen police arrested a man after receiving a tip from his insurance company regarding several alleged theft claims being filed.

Operation Cloud results in warrants being issued for noncomplying sex offenders

The Harlingen Police Department, performing compliance checks on sex offenders, have issued warrants for those individuals who failed to comply with the Offender Registration Program.

Man allegedly attempts to suffocate elderly person after argument on smoking marijuana

Harlingen police arrested a man after he allegedly assaulted an elderly person who objected to him smoking marijuana in the house.

Harlingen man charged with 7 counts of burglary of a motor vehicle

Harlingen police arrested and charged a Primera man with seven counts of burglary of a motor vehicle.

Harlingen prepares for grand opening of its first Sam's Club

There's still another 48 days before the Sam's Club in Harlingen has its official grand opening, which is slated for March 20.

Employee uses $1,800 in company funds to pay on a personal account

Harlingen police arrested and charged a former employee, of Verizon Wireless, for theft after he used company funds to pay on a personal account.

Man arrested for concealing a piece of brisket in his pants

Harlingen police arrested a man after he allegedly attempted to steal a piece of brisket inside his pants.