Police arrest trio with marijuana in parking lot of Stripes store

Harlingen police arrested three individuals after they were spotted with marijuana in a Stripes parking lot.

Sleep apnea treatment and prevention

"Normally people consider that the symptoms of sleep apnea are benign, but are very serious."

Hotel disturbance leads to arrest of man for possession of narcotics

Harlingen police arrested a man for narcotics possession after responding to a disturbance call.

High incidences of stroke reported in RGV

“Actually in Texas, it’s the number three reason for death, so it’s a very debilitating disease and a very deadly disease if left unchecked.”

Couple, wanted on warrants, arrested with counterfeit money

Harlingen police arrested a couple on forgery, failure to identify and having outstanding warrants, after being stopped for traffic violations.

Suspect falls face first in robbery attempt

A robbery suspect falls face first after attempting to rob a convenience store in Harlingen.

Blood type O-negative in high demand

“It makes you feel awesome to give to other people.”

Police say former Marine was involved in murder-suicide

"I miss you already Art, he would give anything for anybody."said friend Gina Shipp.

Husband arrested for assaulting wife with a scalpel

Police arrested a husband on assault and deadly weapon charge after he used a scalpel on his wife during an argument.

Two Harlingen women arrested in prostitution sting

The Harlingen Police Special Investigation Unit conducted an undercover operation which resulted in the arrest of two women for prostitution.

Two people confirmed dead in home explosion

Two people are confirmed dead following an early morning explosion at a residence at 1200 block of Rio Hondo road in Harlingen.

Police arrest couple for theft of Dallas Cowboy jerseys

A couple is arrested for theft after attempting to shoplift several Dallas Cowboy jerseys at a retail store.

Seat belt violation leads to charge of escaping from custody

A driver, pulled over for a sea tbelt violation, is arrested after kicking out the backdoor of a police unit and attempting to escape custody.

Newspaper vendor charged with assault on customer

Careful who you buy your newspaper from, you may get a slap on the wrist.

TSTC Automotive Department gets new diesel truck

"This is a 6.3 three liter diesel, used more for the heavy duty trucks." said TSTC student Samuel Reyes.