Palm Valley Animal Center offering holiday adoption discount

People across the Valley are finishing up their holiday shopping this weekend, and the mall isn't the only place to find great deals on gifts for your loved ones.

Young boy says bullying is a problem at his school

Stephen F. Austin Elementary in Edinburg has a zero-tolerance policy against bullying.  But one family says that's not the case in their son's alleged bullying problems at the school.

UTPA Report: Zebra Technologies

A local manufacturing company and UTPA have joined forces to improve the way they do business. And as Roxanne Lerma tells us, Pan American students benefit in the process.

Name chosen for "Project South Texas"

The crowd was booming at UTPA's Student Union building where students packed inside to hear the announcement of the name chosen for Project South Texas, the UT System university merging UTPA and UTB.

Pellet gun used in robbery attempt results in first degree felony charge

An attempted robbery in broad daylight leaves one young man behind bars with a first degree felony charge.

UTPA Report: Bone marrow donors

It is a match made in heaven, the UTPA baseball team joined forces with the women’s basketball team in hopes of saving a life. Reporter Roxanne Lerma explains in this week’s Newscenter 23 UTPA report.

Hidalgo County Detention Officer killed in traffic accident

On December 6, 2013 at approximately 7:30a.m, HCSO Detention Officer Bertha Garza, 40 yrs old, was killed as a result of a traffic accident.

Reports of overcrowding in juvenile jail prompts judge to make changes

It's no surprise that crime is a growing problem across the Rio Grande Valley.  But what came as unsettling information was local media reports exposing the issue of overcrowding at the juvenile detention center.

“Winter Shorebirds” program at the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands

Identification of shorebirds can be tricky. There’s a variety of species, and many of them look very much alike, making the identification process a bit confusing!

Standard & Poor’s increases City of Edinburg's credit rating

The City of Edinburg’s credit rating has been increased to ‘AA’ from ‘AA-’.

UTPA Report: RAD program helping women defend themselves

Every 24 seconds some kind of assault affects a woman in the United States, it’s a sobering statistic, but the UTPA police department is working to give women the tools to defend themselves, reporter Roxanne Lerma brings us that story.

Medicare scam

The non-English speaking elderly are often the easiest to target here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Hidalgo County Head Start Program to host Parent Fair

The Hidalgo County Head Start Program will be hosting the 8th Annual Parent Fair on Friday, November 22, 2013. The event will be held at the Palmer Pavilion in McAllen, Texas from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

New bicycle box in Edinburg to help keep cyclists safe on the road

The City of Edinburg is debuting a new traffic signal in town, but there is also an additional feature that is the first of its kind in the Valley to help protect cyclists.

Border Patrol agents seize nearly $5.2 million worth of marijuana

U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector seized nearly $5.2 million worth of marijuana throughout the past week.