The bats will return!

The bats were removed, but are now going to return to the Stegman building in downtown Brownsville. We brought you this story in August when plans for renovations were halted by a colony of bats.

Trash accumulates in Brownsville after thunderstorm

It's a new day, and skies are clear, but that doesn't mean yesterday's thunderstorm in Brownsville didn't leave quite the messy aftermath.

RSTEC officials discuss RGV progression in panel stands for the Rio South Texas Economic Council, and it's a name you should get used to hearing if you're at all interested in the Valley's socioeconomic progression as a region.

Brownsville woman convicted of harboring undocumented immigrants

A woman in Brownsville is convicted of harboring illegal aliens following two days of trial and about three hours of deliberation .

Crews expected to clear local floodwater until tomorrow

The Valley is finally out of the drought it had been in for  years, and there's no better testament to that than taking one look at Brownsville this morning. Within a matter of hours, the city received up to six inches of rainfall.

Brownsville's Outdoor Learning Garden breaks ground

Today, the Children’s Museum of Brownsville held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new outdoor exhibit space the Outdoor Learning Garden.

Man in Brownsville shot and killed after resisting arrest

A man was shot and killed this morning in Brownsville.

UPDATE: U.S. Marshals confirm death of suspect in stand-off

The U.S. Marshals has confirmed that the suspect in the standoff earlier this morning was killed in a shooting with authorities.

Government requests 34 million work and residency permits

Despite there being no official action from President Obama on immigration reform yet. The government is requesting suppliers for a 34 million work authorization permits.

AARP hosts tablet training sessions

Say hello to tablets. For the first time, the AARP hosted Technology, Education and Knowledge training sessions in Brownsville today.

Harlingen man found guilty of sexual abuse of a minor

A jury found Harlingen man Gregory Lewis today guilty of continuous sexual abuse of a child that occurred from May 2010 to August 2012.

BISD students leave classroom to go out on "Big Event" of community service

BISD’s Pace High School students take a day out of the classroom to give thanks to the community.

Cameron County officials confirm no passengers on a Frontier flight were from the county

The Cameron County Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed no passengers on a Frontier flight were from the area.

Brownsville PD tagging abandoned vehicles for removal

The Brownsville Police Department issued citations on abandoned vehicles throughout the city on Wednesday.

Appeals Courts reinstates Texas voter ID law

The courts have reinstated the Texas voter ID law, which had been struck down by a Federal District Court judge in Corpus Christi just last week.