Driver arrested for attempting to smuggle over 7 lbs. of cocaine

A man allegedly tries to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. but authorities say, they stopped him at the Gateway International bridge over the weekend.

Cameron County sheriff's office to host blood drives

For the first time, the Cameron County Sheriff's Office will be participating in the Third Annual International Blood Donation Marathon. The blood drives will take place from nine to five on Tuesday and Saturday.

Congressman Vela addresses Mexican cartel violence in DC

Congressman Filemon Vela addressed the issue of cartel violence in Tamaulipas to Homeland Security. US government officials spoke about the importance of creating a relationship with the federal government in Mexico.

UTB to cancel sports teams in fall 2015

For baseball players at UTB, this scene of an empty diamond is all too familiar. But come 2015, every other athlete in any and all sports programs at the university will be experiencing the same cuts.

Teen arrested for aggravated robbery of puppy

A Brownsville man confronts two people trying to steal his new puppy and gets knocked unconscious. Alexis Alan Azuara, 18, and a juvenile were arrested on aggravated robbery charges.

Brownsville city commissioners approve transit study for B-Metro

Brownsville city commissioners have approved moving forward with a transit market research study focusing on the B-Metro transportation service.

Valley celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

"Autism is a neurological disorder, it's not a physical disorder," said Kids Korner speech pathologist Jessica Holt. "So individuals with autism look like anyone else walking down the street."

Kidnapping victim freed from captor after traffic stop

A man is freed from his alleged kidnapper after a traffic stop by Brownsville police. Na'Tassia Finley has the details surrounding the aggravated kidnapping that originated in Mexico.

Pet of the Week

"My name is Robert Dippong. I'm the supervisor for the Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center.

Three arrested for possession of over 183 lbs. of marijuana

Three men are charged with drug possession after Border Patrol agents in Brownsville spotted the men transporting three large marijuana bundles.

BPD's "No Refusal" Policy Implemented

Zero tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving on Brownsville roads is an absolute and prior to Friday, if a driver was caught behind the wheel under the influence, they could refuse a breath test by an officer.

Woman arrested for transporting 5 bundles of cocaine

A 20 year-old woman is arrested for allegedly transporting bundles of cocaine.

Valley Baptist introduces robotic knee surgery

The first robotic-assisted knee surgery is now available in Cameron County. The "Navio Partial Knee Replacement" allows doctors to be more precise in making inicisions in the patient.

Valley Baptist pushes people to enroll in Affordable Care Act before deadline

The enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act is quickly approaching. And because all Americans are now required by law to have healthcare coverage, you must be enrolled by the 31st. 

UTB officials discuss possible tuition increase

As UTB finally comes to a stand-alone institution for the 2014-2015 academic year, school officials and education counselors are pushing to raise the tuition.