Texas Secretary of State Cascos to be sworn in on Saturday

On Saturday, March 7, Carlos Cascos will be sworn in as Texas’ 110th Secretary of State. Cascos was nominated by Gov. Greg Abbott and confirmed by the Senate.

20+ states have 'til midnight for evidence against immigration action

Today, the twenty plus states which filed suit against President Obama's immigration action have until midnight to respond with evidence to prove the action could cause irreparable harm to their states.

Brownsville police identify hit and run victim

Brownsville police have identified the woman who was found dead at the intersection of FM 511 and 803.

Brownsville PD investigating first homicide of the year

The Brownsville Police Department is investigating their first homicide of the year, Na'Tassia Finley has the details.

Pollen levels offset sinus infections in Valley residents

"Achoo!" It's that time of the year again in the Valley. Right now, this area takes the cake for having one of the highest pollen levels in the entire country.

City of Brownsville election filing period ends with 15 candidates

A total of 15 candidates have filed for positions on the ballot for Brownsville city commission. Of the 15, six are vying for the mayoral seat.

What would immigration look like in the next five years?

"Things are happening here, political decisions, judicial decisions and the phenomenon itself of undocumented immigration," says immigration expert and UTB professor Dr. Guadalupe Correa Cabrera.

Cameron County grand jury tours and assesses county jail

After taking a tour of the Cameron County Jail, a grand jury has made a positive assessment of the facility's conditions.

Gladys Porter Zoo gorilla, Katanga, passes away

It is with deep sadness that the staff of the Gladys Porter Zoo report the death of Katanga, the matriarch of its multi-generational Western lowland gorilla family.

CBP seizes over $200K in unreported currency at Gateway port of entry

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized over $200K in unreported cash at a Brownsville port of entry.

2015 Brownsville ISD Children's Charro Days Parade

Mr. Amigo 2014, Juan Osorio was also given a welcome at UTB and made a special appearance at Thursday's Brownsville ISD Children's Charro Days Parade.

Sombrero Fest kicks off!

Tonight kicks off the first night of Sombrero Fest in Brownsville. There really is something for everyone at the Charro Days celebration. "Happy Charro Day's 2015! Woo!"

Predatory tax loans becoming Valleywide issue

Meet Josue Lopez. After barely making ends meet as a truck driver during the recession, he fell behind on his property taxes.

Brownsville & Matamoros join for 'Hands Across the Border'

The celebration of friendship between the U.S and Mexico continues in Brownsville today. The Charro Days festivities are not complete without the cities coming together for Hands Across the Border.

Operation Bishop investigators raid hidden 8 liner arcade

Operation Bishop investigators raided an arcade Wednesday privately located behind a small shopping center in Brownsville.