Local shelter needs help finding forever homes

Friday, November 1, 2013 - 8:29am

"Our capacity is always full."
The idea is to move them from their temporary home to a permanent one as soon as possible.
Last year, only about 1,400 out of 13,000 brought in were adopted out.
The the adoption numbers at the animal shelter are actually improving, from 2011 to 2012 the number of adoptions jumped by nearly 19%. They're shooting to improve adoption rates by about 5% each year. They're working up a few ideas to really get their name out there.
"We're looking into advertising on school buses, we're looking to advertise on city buses, we're looking to advertise anywhere that we can get our name out, where we can get our message across that we want our people to adopt not shop."
The reality of it is though, at some point, those animals not adopted out have to go, one way or the other. Either by being put down, or by being shipped off to a rescue group. The second, being the preferred choice.
"We have a lot of rescue groups that work with us all over the state of Texas. We even have some who work with us out of Colorado, places like that. The hard part of the situation is is getting the animals from Brownsville Texas to Colorado, Brownsville to Austin, Texas. We are looking for volunteers, maybe anybody that may be taking trips with their family or they can maybe put an animal or two in their vehicle, or somebody that travels a lot for work places, if they're willing to put an animal or two and get them transported to other rescue groups that would help us a lot."
In the meantime, the animal shelter is open seven days a week, if you'd like to adopt a pet. If you're not able to adopt, donations or even your time will greatly benefit the shelter and it's animals.

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