Local Repbulican Reaction to President Obama's Speech

Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 11:13am

HIDALGO COUNTY - Perhaps one of those listening the most to the President's speech on Tuesday night was Hidalgo County Republican Chairman Javier Villalobos who agrees that creating manufacturing jobs is a major issue locally.

Mr. Villalobos stated, "For the first time I think he finally, the president, finally is catching on that what's important. Is business. Talk about small business and even manufacturing, that's something that the Republican party has been talking throughout. That is what we need help in order to stimulate and get more jobs start getting out of this economy we're at. It has to be the creation of the jobs and assisting the people that create the jobs. Not making government jobs the way it has been done."

Mr. Villalobos also added that an important issue concerning voters in the Valley is for the president to reconstruct the Dream Act.

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