Local Reaction on Veterans Misplaced Headstones

Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 11:35am

Providing our fallen soldiers with a proper burial is the lease we can do to pay our respects for their sacrifices, but according to a Department of Veteran's Affairs audit, misplaced headstones and even incorrect burials have turned up at cemeteries from Arlington, Virginia to right here in the State of Texas.

The Sam Houston Cemetery in San Antonio has reported nearly fifty headstones are one space over from where they should've been. McAllen's Veteran's Affairs worker, Felix Rodriguez, said, "If they lost their lives in combat, than in a foreign country, then we should honor their service to the country appropriately with respect, with dignity that the families can be assured that their remains are going to be interred at the rightful place."

Some blame error on an old paper record system, but largely the VA says it is due to poor work done during renovation.

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