Local Planned Parenthold Office Disappointed in Foundations Withdrawal of Funds

Friday, February 3, 2012 - 9:54am

Women across the nation are outraged with the news that the Susan G. Komen Foundation will no longer fund breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood locations.

The foundation is known for raising millions of dollars towards breast cancer research. Last year alone it raised more than $270 million dollars for the cause and Komen for the Cure says it severed ties with Planned Parenthood because it's currently under investigation. Planned Parenthood is calling it a political move saying the foundation caved to anti-abortion pressure. Local officials say thousands of poor women will be affected and they hope the foundation will re-think it's decision. Planned Parenthood CEO for Hidalgo county Patricio Gonzalez said, "Disappointed that they would allow politics to triumph over women's health. Once again I think this is another assault on women's health in the country."

Planned Parenthood of Hidalgo county will now turn to the state for funding and officials confirmed that none of the money received from the Susan G. Komen Foundation was ever used for abortions.

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