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South Padre Island Police to Use Technology to Control Crime and Crowd During Spring Break

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas - Spring break is almost a week away, which means thousands of people will be making South Padre Island their party destination, and the SPI Police Department is using technology to help them control the crowds and crime.

“We have to be one step ahead of them, so we got to utilize all the stuff we can use as well,” said SPI Police Chief Randy Smith. 

Including in car digital video equipment, updated body cameras and automated license plate recognition and drone deployment for emergencies like searches for missing people and non-emergencies, like building inspections.

“We’re going to also use wireless cameras in key locations, like the event areas. We’re tapping into other cameras that are here, year-round that keep an eye on the city,” Smith said. 

And officers will also be using social media searches. 

“A lot of these innovative technology help us with proactive policing, so we can identify problems before they happen. Then we’re also ready with our regular experience team to handle reactive policing,” he said. 

Police hope this will help further their ability to serve and protect the city. 

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