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Local Woman Has Car and Dog Stolen at Gunpoint in Mexico

EDINBURG, Texas - What should have been a quick trip to Mexico turned into a nightmare.

McAllen resident Sheila Garay was faced with kidnappers who took her beloved pet. “I just want the dog back. I know if I don't see him in a while in like a month or two months, I know he will die of sadness because he was really attached to me.” 

It's now more than a week since Garay traveled to Reynosa for a veterinarian appointment with her dog Oreo. Just five minutes before she made her way back into the U.S. five men in a Ford Focus attacked her inside her vehicle. 

“He had an AK-47 pointing at me yelling to get down from the vehicle and I'm like no please, I'm pregnant, I'm three months pregnant, and he was like no get out don't get anything from the vehicle.” 

It was in broad daylight and Garay said no one stepped up to help.

“He was pointing at me and I started freaking out. So scared I didn't know what to do. There was more people there, but they didn't do anything. They didn't help me, they knew what he was doing, and the other guys just stay there and watching.”

She says even authorities turned their backs during the incident.

“There was police, a Mexican police truck there too and he didn't do anything. I started crying, walking, I couldn't believe what just happened.” 

Her three-year-old black and white Shih Tzu was in the passenger seat, as the criminals drove away in her 2004 Jeep Liberty. 

“I was hoping he would be a companion to my son or daughter, but now it’s not going to happen.” 

Garay wants others to learn from her dangerous experience. Think twice before traveling to Mexico just to save a few dollars.

Currently the U.S. Department of State has Reynosa and other cities along the border under a Do Not Travel Advisory.

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