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Local Rabbi on Holocaust Remembrance Day

MCALLEN, Texas - “What it means for us here, is what it means for the Jews around the world,” said Rabbi Asher Hecht with the Chabad Rio Grande Valley.

“The Holocaust was a horrific part of our history and one thing it teaches us is that hatred and evil is very real,” he said. 

Today, people around the world, including in the Chabad Rio Grande Valley, remember the victims.

“If you want to memorialize those that died, what you want to tell them is what you died for wasn’t in vain, because today even in McAllen, where there is only a small community of Jewish people, it’s vibrant and alive,” he said. 

“When hatred and evil pops up its evil head again, we have to take it seriously and we have to do everything we can to eradicate it,” he said, referring to terrorism. 

“On the warfront, we have to be strong, and we have no tolerance. But as human beings in our own cities, we have to infuse our surroundings with love, kindness and tolerance,” Hecht said. 

Hecht said there are about 1,000 Jews in the Rio Grande Valley, most who have had a loved one impacted by the Holocaust. 

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