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Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Taking Team To Court

DALLAS - A former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is taking America's Team to court.

Erica Wilkins is alleging unfair and unequal pay in a lawsuit filed on June 12.

According to the class action lawsuit, Wilkins would often work more than 40-hours per week and would not receive overtime for team events and appearances.

Citing the Equal Pay Act, the lawsuit claims the cheer squad was paid three times less than the team mascot "Rowdy", who is a contract employee, while cheerleaders are paid hourly.

Wilkins says her hope is that other Cowboys Cheerleaders will join her efforts to make a change. 

"A lot of girls, me included, when you are on the team you are scared to speak out or stand up for yourself and when I finished my career, I just decided it was time someone made a difference and make a change and stand up." Said Wilkins.

The Dallas Cowboys organization have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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