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Fernandez Named Mr. Amigo – No Additional Security Provided

BROWNSVILLE, TX - Mexican Singer Pedro Fernandez is named Mr. Amigo for this year’s Charro Days Festivities.

The iconic position is typically given to a an international celebrity who ‘promotes improvement in the quality of life in the Hispanic community.’

Fernandez developed his early film career in Brownsville.

With growing international tensions between the U.S. and Mexico over Border Security, we asked if more security will be required during this celebration.

Sergio Martinez, president of Mr. Amigo Association says, “You know I don’t think we’re going to do anything different because we already do a lot of security for Mr. Amigo. We’re very fortunate to have some strong partners in the City of Brownsville.”

Charro Days will be held on February 18-25th.

Mexican dignitaries visiting Brownsville this morning say the festivities are an opportunity to show both sides of the border working together.

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