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EXCLUSIVE: Tejano Singer Joe Lopez's Emotional Interview On Death of Jimmy Gonzalez

Brownsville, TX - Tejano Singer Joe Lopez had trouble expressing the loss of his childhood friend and former bandmate Jimmy Gonzalez, "we were born the same day, the same month, same year. We grew up together." said Lopez. Since being released earlier this year from prison, Lopez hoped to reconnect with Gonzalez. Gonzalez died Wednesday morning at Methodist Hospital of San Antonio after his blood sugar dropped.

Lopez and Gonzalez had a falling out after decades of friendship and success in the Tejano music scene. "We went our separate ways, he wanted to do his thing, I wanted mine." In the late 1970s the childhood friends from Brownsville, TX formed Grupo Mazz. When the band split, in 1999, Jimmy and Joe found success in their own projects.

In 2006, Lopez was sent to prison for sex crimes on a minor. This year, Lopez was paroled and wrote songs with Jimmy in mind hoping to reform and reconnect with his childhood friend, "if you love somebody, and they're not with you, give them a call or do something. Make it a point to show them how much you love them. Jimmy and I we were like one." said Lopez with tears in his eyes, "I just want to give my condolences to all of his family and clears throat I'm sorry about this and may God keep him in heaven and one day we'll see each other again."


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