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Austin Organization Helps Local Animal Shelter Save More Cats And Dogs

EDINBURG, Texas - For years the Palm Valley Animal Center has helped save the lives of thousands of cats and dogs who couldn't find a home.

Rebecca Villanueva, Director of Development PVAC said, "We've increased our life release, but we're just not satisfied with it. It's currently at 33 percent. Our goal is to challenge our community to get us to a 90."

Raising the number of dogs and cats that get adopted is not an easy task for PVAC. That's why they reached out to Austin Pets Alive to help structure their intake and find other ways to help save more animals.

"The reason why we reached out to organizations like Austin Pets Alive, Best Friends, and Maddie's Fund, is because they've done it before. They've done it in other communities." Said Villanueva.

About 15 members of Austin Pets Alive will be at PVAC this week to work on several initiatives. One of them is the intake process and the flow of animals through the shelter to eliminate contagious diseases. The other initiative is to develop a fundraising plan that meets their needs. 

Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director - Austin Pets Alive said, "They are severely underfunded and understaffed for this volume of animals. The contracts that they have set up with cities and county, basically they are being paid to hold the animals and kill them and that's all it covers. If they need to do any life-saving that has to be part of the community’s support that they're getting for these programs."

To help with the restructuring of their intake, for the next days, PVAC will reduce their adoption fee to $10 and will waive the fees on fostering pets.

This is something few people have already been taking advantage of to help out.

Daniela Villalobos, volunteer said, "I want to make sure they have a place to stay while they clean, while they fix this place and make it better for the animals. I just want to help out the animals in the community. This program needs a lot of help. We need a lot of fosters all the time, volunteers... If you could come out and help that would be great."

Members of Austin Pets Alive will be in the valley until March 19. They hope by the end of their visit PVAC can already have an effective fundraising program running.

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