Activists Protest Sen. Cornyn's Visit to Border Town

WESLACO, Texas - U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) was in the Rio Grande Valley January 12 to be presented with an award at the Knapp Medical Center, however some people might not believe he deserved it. 

“Cornyn has done absolutely nothing to head off the border wall that Trump has proposed for South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Scott Nicol, a Sierra Club Volunteer who was attended the protest. 

“At Santa Anna Wildlife Refuge that is part of a wildlife corridor that was set aside for endangered ocelots, if you put a wall through that habitat they can't access all the land that they need to find food and water and mates and so they’re pushed closer to extinction,” Nicol said. 

Martha Sanchez, another protestor and Coordinator with La Union del Pueblo Entero, had some strong words for the senator. 

“He needs to remember that he represents all Texas, and all Texans,” Sanchez said. 

“We want a clean Dream Act that doesn't have money attached for the border wall or for more militarization in our borders,” she said.

Since the border wall was first suggested, residents, organizations, cities and lawmakers have been voicing their concerns, and will continue to do so until they feel heard.

Protestors were also encouraging those not present to call Cornyn and let them know they do not support the border wall.

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