Local Law Enforcement Reacts To Proposed Immigration Bill

Friday, March 4, 2011 - 10:52am

One of the many immigration bills proposed to the state has a loop hole for employers who hire illegals.
The bill would punish those who hire undocumented workers with fines and jail time, except for those who hire illegals for housework.
State Representative Aeron Pena says, "the realities are you can't put a third of Texans in prison and make them felons. I think the solution is not going after people who go after yard men."

But House bill 12-02 is drawing criticism from local Law Enforcement agencies.

Sheriff Lupe trevino says, "I truly believe that if you can't come into this country as legally as possible, you shouldn't be here."

He believes there should be no exception and that his Police Officers are not Customs agents...

He adds, "How can state law say you can come into this country illegally and do certain types of jobs, when the federal government says you can't come into this country and do any job illegally period. Trying to make local Law Enforcement immigrations agents is completely misguided."

State Representative Pena and Sheriff Trevino do agree on one thing: it's the federal government's responsibility... not the state.
Sheriff Lupe Trevino says, "Where does that leave the federal law?if you are going to force me by statute to be an immigrations agent,  then they need to train us. They need to pay fro the incarceration costs, they need to pay for the medical bills and they need to pay for anything else that is attached to the arrests of illegal immigrants just on immigration status alone."

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