Local Coach Brings Home 700th Win

Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 10:52am

A lower Valley coach recently made history after achieving a huge milestone in her career.  Newscenter 23 reporter, Claudia Mickle has the story.
Harlingen High School girls' varsity basketball coach, Nora Zamarripa recently accomplished her 700th win.
"It's a great accomplishment, a huge milestone in my career," said Zamarripa.
She grew up in Lyford, Texas and says the community was home to a strong girls basketball tradition that sparked her inspiration. 
"I wanted to become a coach and coach the sport I learned to love there, basketball and portray to those young ladies the love and passion for the game of basketball."
Coach Zamarippa started her carrer in Lyford in 1978 after attending Texas A&M in Kingsville, where she played college ball. 
"I was fortunate enough my junior year to be offered the first women's scholarship in women's basketball there." 
She took her passion to the Cardinals in 1989 and has coached girls sports for more than 30 years now.
Coach Zamarripa says this major milestone in her career has given her the opportunity to put this huge achievement into perspective.
"It gave me time to reflect on all the years I've been coaching and the different schools I've been at, and all the young ladies I've had a chance to teach and coach."
She says she didn't do it by herself and thanks the many people who helped contribute to the milestone.
"It started with my husband and my family and their support, and then every school I was at between the players and their parents and the administrators.  Everybody had a role in this."
Coach Zamarippa doesn't know how many wins will follow, but hopes to be a part of many more in the future.
"My friend last year at the state tournament got 800 wins and I thought, "Wow that is so awesome, and I'll just keep going one year at a time and you never know."'

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