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POSTED: Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 9:37am

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EDINBURG - It can be heard almost any day of the week. Any hour of the day.The sounds of rhythms, rips and beats. J.P. Cuellar is playing the drums.

"My all time favorite thing to do for sure," said J.P. Cuellar, Drummer.

There isn't a day that goes by he doesn't touch a drum or a stick. In fact, he's been playing in a professional band since he was 13.

Playing is a passion and a way for Cuellar to get through life.

"But yeah, I have had my highest points and my lowest points here in this shed," said Cuellar.

He's also a member of the Edinburg North High School concert band, the marching band and the drumline. But directors said Cuellar stands out above the rest.

 "So many of them, they just love what they do, for him it's just playing the drums, playing the drum set, playing the tenors in the marching band," said Chad Dempsy, Head Band Director.

But when did this passion start?

"When was the first time that you played a drum. I don't even remember. A long time ago," said Cuellar.

Well Cuellar might not rememb, but his mom does. She said it was way before the drum line, before the marching, before playing in his dad's band, even before the time in the shed. It began from the womb. 

"We'd go to my husband's gigs, so knowing that I loved the music as well as much as my husband did, I would just pat the beat on my tummy, and I would just feel him squirming and squirming," said Marisol Cuellar, Mother.

And ever since his fingers and arms could more, Cuellar has been tapping a rhythm almost every where he goes.

"When he's inside it's like he is banging on the walls, banging on the, I am like son I am trying to watch something, we are trying to watch a game, we are trying to this, we are talking, and he is like (pat,pat,pat) it's like on stop," laughs Marisol Cuellar.

She makes jokes about her son's tapping but it is all for fun. And there is no one who enjoys Cuellar's playing more than his family.

At every gig, every football game and every concert, his family watches Cuellar with full support. But no matter whether he plays under the Friday night lights or on a sta, the feeling of performing is empowering.

"When I am on stage at Winks or Hillbillies or somewhere that we play, I feel like, I feel like I am in charge, because like my Dad always says that drummers are the ones that keep the time, they, if there is no drummer there is no time, there is no rhythm at all," said Cuellar.

Through music Cuellar is able to learn the best lessons in life, all while not even realizing it. Because to Cuellar, playing the drums isn't work. It isn't even practice. It's just a what he does. 

"Yes like hands down, this is my passion. Like, no matter what anybody is going to tell me, know matter like how I feel, I always know this is my passion, this is what I love to do," said Cuellar.

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Thank you Erin for the time you gave into this interview! JP had a wonderful time doing it! The girls enjoyed seeing themselves on tv as well. Thank you for giving JP an opportunity to share his talent and letting everyone see the passion he has for drumming. He's one smart kid, and talented, we, his parents are very proud of his accomplishments. Go Cougar Band!!

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