Little or no homework policy

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 5:10pm

Some schools in one California county are cutting back on the amount of homework kids are assigned. It's a move that no doubt has lots of students happy, but as Mayra Castaneda tells us, it's getting mixed reviews from parents.

As schools begin to implement the common core standards in the classroom, parents are finding out that the standards are also being brought home.

Sarah Shoffaer, Parent, "I think they are more focused on family time now. The teacher is sending home a type of homework. It's more based on the parent being more involved, I think, which is better. It's reading every night."

Schools like Norris Elementary are adding more reading homework and cutting out busy work, Principal Daniel Weirather, Norris Elementary School, "We think that if something is sent home, it should be sent home for a purpose. We think it should be something that's meaningful and that's going to be helping them learn the material, as opposed to something that they might just do because they've always done it."

But less homework has raised eyebrows with some parents. They say there is zero accountability in the new strategy because the students don't have anything to turn in to their teachers and without a hard copy, it makes it harder to know how the students is doing.

But others like the policy and say the accountability ultimately lies on the parents Lynette Bruce, Parent, "It's up to us now to do it and be parents and look at our kids work everyday and go through it and take responsibility for it."

Principal Daniel Weirather, "I don't think there is any other partner is a kid's education than their parent. They're always willing to be able to go meet with the teachers. They don't have to wait for conference time or for progress reports to come out."

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