Link2Success to assist 1,600 UTB students

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Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 8:58am

History, composition and math have proved to be the toughest subjects for college freshman not only locally, but nationwide.

The University of Texas at Brownsville’s Dean for the College of Liberal Arts Javier A. Martinez says incoming freshman are not college ready.

“Incoming freshman, even though they may qualify as college ready, really aren’t ready for the rigorous analytical and critical thinking that college demands,” Martinez said.

Link2Success will debut this semester and its purpose is to help incoming freshman stay on track since so many students often drop out or fail out.

“They’ll have class with their professor and then immediately following, or in some cases, proceeding the class they’ll have time one on one with the tutors and their tutors will help them develop skills in areas it gives students a chance to ask questions about the material it gives the tutors a chance to explain and go into more depth on the material,” he said.

Link to Success will utilize peer tutors for those students needing a little extra help in the core areas.

“There are many studies that show students learn really well and effectively when they work in groups, when they work with each other, when they work with other students who are maybe further along as in this case,” Martinez said.

It’s estimated that roughly 1,600 students will participate in the L2S program this Fall semester.

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