Life-sized Tonka truck

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 8:49am

Man builds life-sized Tonka truck.

A truck lover in Wisconsin builds his dream vehicle.

He made a life-sized replica of a Tonka truck.

To own a towing service is to covet trucks...

It's a 93 T600 Kenworth.

Like a skinned-kneed-boy.

2009 Chevy. This is our 45 tone Freightliner.

"Brad Doane's family has spent three generations...

It's a 1934 Chevy.

...playing with them."

My dad bought this.

But after 66 years the boys at Irvington Garage Towing are finally ready to make the arrangement official.

And welcome to their fleet. A tow toy.

You can't mistake what it is. Dang, that looks like a Tonka Truck.

That Brad would venture down this road should come as no surprise.

He had every Tonka there ever was.

But it wasn't till his mother brought back to the shop a sandbox survivor she bought at a charity auction.

This was the inspiration for the whole project.

He said, mom, I want to build the Tonka.

That light came on for Brad.

I haven't seen another one yet.

Starting with a 700 dollar Chevy pickup purchased from the side of a road, brad spent a year in pursuit of the dream of every seven-year-old boy who's ever imaged sliding behind the wheel of his favorite toy.

When you're driving down the road and you meet people, it's not like they give a double take, it's like a triple take.

16 feet long, 10 feet tall, a two ton Tonka. Big enough to tow a car, if you could figure out a way to lift it with the hand crank on the other end of that boom.

I had to keep it true to the little guy you know.

Totally labor of love for him.

Made for parades.

Yeah, yep.

Brad is looking forward to sharing the love.

Everybody can recognize it, and it brings them back to the day when they had a truck, a Tonka truck.

But not every former boy can travel back to the day of his childhood toys inside one.

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