Less Pain At The Pump

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 9:32am

Gas prices are falling.

Gas prices are falling and drivers are happy.

"It's good news for us, really good," Fabio Janer, who delivers hundreds of newspapers every morning, said.

The price of gas has dropped steadily since May, when many Americans were spending about $4 for regular fuel.

AAA points to economic woes in China and Europe as some of the reason behind the declining prices.

Some say it's all about demand, or the lack of it, in a problematic economy.

"The demand is low, I think people haven't been traveling this summer like they have in the past.
They just plain can't afford it," driver Pete Clark said.

Last week, the price of crude oil dropped another 60 cents.

AAA experts said they expect more dips in the price at the pump.

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