Legislation continues on beach closures for SpaceX project

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 8:48am

Legislation was filed last Wednesday in the Texas House of Representatives to further the SpaceX project that could land near Brownsville's Boca Chica beach.

State Representative Rene Oliveira testified before the House Committee in Austin on Monday and he stressed the importance of allowing beach closure so this community can land the private space exploration company, "The importance of the bill is not just getting it set up for SpaceX, but minimizing the amount of time that our public beaches would need to be closed. I don't want our beaches closed on holidays or weekends unless there's some extreme emergency and we would try to make launches during the week and make launches only 15 hours of closure that we are talking about."

The proposed SpaceX project must still undergo federal scrutiny through the Federal Aviation Administration as well environmental impact studies.

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