Learning to Make New Year's Resolutions Stick

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 9:56am

With every new year comes New Year's Resolutions.

We decided to ask our facebook viewers what they were promising to do in 2012.

And while the lists differed from person to person, one concern showed throughout. And that is how to keep these promises until December 2012.

It turns out just a few simple rules will keep you and your resolutions on track. 

"If you have several things that you want to do, like you want to stop smoking, lose weight, then take one at a time and work on that one, until the habits are ingrained and then go on to the next one, so that you are not trying to completely change your life," said Lise Blankenship, UTPA Counseling and Psychological Services Director.

Blankenship also said to take one day at a time. Try not to focus too far ahead, keeping to daily goals will make progress more realistic.

And finally, have someone that will help keep you accountable for your actions. With a buddy, you have a better chance of seeing your resolution out through the end of the year. 

We still want to hear more new years resolutions. Please go to our Facebook page and tell us what you will be changing this new year.

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