Laying Out The Evidence

Friday, May 18, 2012 - 3:47pm

Prosecutors release evidence gathered in Trayvon Martin case.

More than 200 items of evidence in the controversial Trayvon Martin case have been made available to the public by prosecutors.

The move may have prompted more questions than answers.

Security camera video taken just minutes before the confrontation that would end Trayvon Martin's life was among the evidence.

Police documents detail a range of evidence: Eyewitness accounts, George Zimmerman's gun, and photos of Zimmerman taken by police just hours after the incident.

Witnesses say the two men were in a vicious scuffle that night, but who the aggressor was is unclear.

A recording of someone crying out for help has even parents divided over its source.

Trayvon's mother says it is her son's voice; when asked by police, his father said no.

Zimmerman's father claims it is his son's voice on the tape.

Police do say the death of the teen could have been avoided if Zimmerman had waited for police, as instructed by the 911 operator.

"If he wouldn't have profiled Trayvon Martin and pursued him and confronted him, he wouldn't be in jail and more importantly Trayvon would be living today," says Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump.

That notion is contested by Zimmerman's attorney.

"In every life experience we can go back to one premise and say had this not happen, had he not been going to the Target store, had Trayvon Martin not been in the neighborhood, had he not got out of his car, we have to deal with what did happen and try to explain that away properly in a courtroom," says Mark O'Mara.

A judge must still determine if the case makes it to a courtroom.

Zimmerman could be protected under florida's "stand your ground" law.

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