Lawsuit Filed In City of San Juan


POSTED: Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 9:43am

UPDATED: Saturday, July 16, 2011 - 11:13pm

SAN JUAN- A lawsuit has been filed within the city of San Juan. The mayor is accusing city commissioners of holding a special meeting after a restraining order was served in order to prevent that meeting from happening. However the city commissioners' attorney says they were never aware such an order was served.

Attorney's in this case say Ordinance 0808 is what sparked the fireworks. Attorney Bradford Bullock said the ordinance gives mayor San Juanita Sanchez the exclusive authority of what items make it on the agenda during city commission meetings and have refused placing items requested from commissioners on the agenda.

The mayor says the commissioners disregarded the order that they were served and went ahead with the meeting. A hearing taking place Tuesday morning regarding a restraining order put in place by the mayor, preventing four city commissioners to meet last month to repeal that Ordinance 0808, the meeting took place on June 29th.

"Our issues has citizens of San Juan, is the face that we're tired that these four members of the city commission, because it's four votes against one, they believe they are above the law. they believe they can choose to decide to do with our tax dollars, whatever they want," said Ramiro Trevino, a concerned citizen.

"But this morning i see it as what the court did was correct, and what happened last week shouldn't have taken place. there are a lot of reasons why that meeting shouldn't have taken place. all of that are in our pleadings and before the court," said Sanchez.

The attorney's representing the city commissioners tell another tale.

"The problem is they were not served with a copy of an order signed by a judge. the judge today, he thinks that's not necessary. well our position is that state law is clear and that it is necessary that you be served with a order signed by a judge. in any event, the meeting went forward, because they believe an order has not been signed and they didn't know, in fact today's the first time any of us on this side have seen that signed order, it was signed by another judge, in another court, none of us was ever served with it," said Bradford Bullock, attorney for the commissioners being suit.

According to the attorney's the city commissioners followed protocol that is provided in the city charter before requesting a special meeting, they say the commissioners gave a 72 hour notice prior to the meeting and had it posted at city hall.

"That was done, immediately before the meeting was to begin on the 29th, the commissioners were served with this lawsuit that were here for today. they were suit for their individual capacity, and the lawsuit also contained a copy of reports to be a temporary restraining order stopping them or attempting to stop them from having the meeting," said Bullock.

People on both sides of the fence agree it's a waste of tax payer's time and money.

"Whose paying for these attorney's they're not, they were the ones that got served, they should be paying for those attorney's why do the citizens of san Juan have to pay for their attorneys," said Trevino.

"And that's why it's a shame were here at the courthouse and wasting all of this time and money, because it's a frivolous lawsuit this is democracy plain and simple, the majority wants the ordinance gone, one person doesn't want it gone," said Bullock.

Both parties head back to court on Monday morning and they are expected to present more evidence in this case.

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In the years I have been gone from the Valley I must have forgotten the lack of education was so broad. I'm appalled that KVEO would let someone publish such a poorly written article on the internet for the whole world to see. I could barely get through this. I honestly felt as though I was reading a book report from a third grader. PLEASE educate this person, not only as a favor to their parents, but so they do not live the rest of their lives embarrassing themselves in the public eye.

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