Latino Innovators: Joe Fernandez

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 2:22pm

Klout co-founder Joe Fernandez describes the birth of his innovative site and its index of online influence.

What is influence?

More importantly, how do you measure it? Joe Fernandez - whose family's journey took them from Cuba, to Las Vegas to San Francisco, and who still has the startup bug that saw his other companies crash and burn - thinks he has discovered the answer.

Fernandez was laying in a hospital bed in 2007 with his jaw wired shut when it came to him.

"During that time I had to completely rely on Twitter, Facebook to communicate and it really changed the way that I looked at those platforms," Fernandez says in Klout's offices on a typical, partly cloudy San Francisco day. "It amazed me that the people I trusted the most, I could tell them my thoughts or opinion on anything instantly from my phone."

Fernandez says it was the idea that for the first time word of mouth is scalable and people finally have the power to share whatever they think with their friends instantly.

"So I wanted to measure that - and Klout is the measurement of your influence."

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