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Monday, July 8, 2013 - 7:40am

The investigation continues into what caused the crash landing of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that killed two Chinese teenagers and sent 182 more to the hospital. Now, we learning more about the flight's final moments..and the experience of the pilot, Paul Vercammen has the latest.

Asiana's pilot for flight 214 had no experience landing a Boeing 777 at San Francisco's airport before Saturday and it was only his 9th time at the controls of a 777, where he logged only 43 hours of time on that type of aircraft.

Still, he was an experienced pilot on other planes, with some 10,000 flying hours under his belt.

The NTSB is not, at this point, blaming the pilots.

In most of our investigations, we find that it's not just one thing. It really is a combination of factors that lead to an accident.And so we're certainly looking at the crew, at how they operated, how they were trained, at their experience. We're also looking at the aircraft.

The NTSB has been reviewing the flight data recorders and has confirmed the crew made calls to increase speed and then to abort the landing and try again.

Investigators will look at this video of Asiana flight 214 for even more clues into what caused the crash landing at San Francisco International Airport.

The recorders show the aircraft was flying well below the target 137 knot speed and the stall indicator was sounding in the cockpit right before the crash.

Benjamin Levy was on board during the terrifying ordeal.

We were going back up, I thought maybe we'd go back up and start flying again …

Instead of a routine landing, a powerful impact that resulted in the aircraft losing it's aircraft losing its tail section, both engines and starting a fire.

A passenger captured this video on his cell phone in the moments following the crash as passengers escaped onto the runway.

I can tell you it is nothing short of a miracle that we had literally 123 people walk away from this."

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