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Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 11:03am

Could a laser be the way to fight hair loss?

Could a laser be the way to fight balding?

Some people believe so.

There is a treatment that requires no surgery, no pain, and no drugs.

"The hair an individual has lost in the last 5 to 7 years stands a very good chance of coming back," said President of Images Inc. Tom Prentice.

Music to the ears of anyone who's lost or losing their hair.

Here's what business man tom prentice is talking about.

The MEP 90 hair laser. Prentice, who is co-owner of the center that offers the laser, says it works by stimulating blood flow to damaged hair follicles.

"It nourishes the hair follicle and actually rehabs the hair to come back to what it should have been before you start losing the hair. The machine will also work not to just stop hair loss, and regrow new hair but it will thicken existing hair," said Prentice.

Here are before and after pictures provided by the company that makes the laser.

The laser is f-d-a cleared for use on women, but men can have the treatment too.

FDA clearance means the laser is considered safe and effective, similar to other devices already on the market.

But prentice says the MEP 90 is more powerful and effective than other hair growth lasers.

Potential clients first have their hair and scalp checked out to determine if they are good candidates. Prentice says the laser works for just about anyone but.

"Somebody with total hair loss...that's maybe lost their hair for a number of years," said Prentice.

There are no side effects and no pain according to Prentice unless you count the pain to your wallet.

The treatment runs anywhere from 1,500 to over four thousand dollars.

"I think the studies have shown minor hair growth. It's not major," said Dermatologist Eric Bernstein.

Bernstein is a dermatologist and one of the top laser surgeons in the US.

He uses lasers to remove hair in his practice but feels that lasers to regrow or stop hair loss aren't ready for prime time.

"Do i think it's worth it for now? I'm not convinced for now. I'm convinced it works. I'm just not convinced it works enough to make the investment or to make a big difference," said Bernstein.

"Let the results speak for themselves," countered Prentice.

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