Laguna Heights Residents Upset About Fire

Friday, September 7, 2012 - 8:30am

These are my family pictures, my husband, when he was young, before we he got married."

These are just a few memories Ernestina Martinez has left after her home burned down Wednesday night...She lived in this home for since in 1958.
The Fire Marshall is calling this fire incendiary and says started in this area where an abandon home once stood.
Something that upsets Martinez who says she has tried talking to the county saying this home is problem.

"It's been abandon for years and we have complained about it, they need to come and clean up and they never did
and put condemned so no one can go it in out."

We also spoke with this concerned citizen who did not want to be shown on camera.

"It could have been prevented if all proper action was taken,the house should be condemned, there was a bunch of hoodlums living there, this is result for not taking proper action and demolishing it and getting rid of it."

We spoke with County Commissioner David Garza for precinct 3. His precinct covers Laguna Heights.
He said he has not been contacted about a problem with the home.

"They can call, we cant take down a structure we don't have that authority in the county, we can issue a citation if a health hazard is occurring to the lot owner or property owner and ask them to take care of the problem."

Another major concern people in area have is they say there are no fire hydrants and that caused a big problem Wednesday night.

"There is no water and they came with those trucks and had to get water from the high school."
"They don't have fire hydrants in this area they should have fire hydrants."

Port Isabel high school is about a mile away.
Besides the two homes destroyed this home was also damaged by the fire.

"The family in third home is trying to salvage what they can because of the smoke damage."

For now Martinez and this family's home who was damaged say they are just glad no one was hurt and they now try to find a new place to stay.

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