Lady Antebellum Lends A Hand

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 2:23pm

Popular country act holds benefit concert for high school leveled by tornado.

It was March 2nd when a powerful EF4 tornado ripped through the small southern Indiana town of Henryville.

The storm ripped apart buildings, tossed cars and claimed several lives.

With all the destruction and change, there was one high-school tradition the students were not going to give up: Prom.

Tonight the school is getting a prom gift from country music superstars Lady Antebellum.

When the band heard about how much the students in Henryville wanted to have a prom, they traveled across the country to be there, and play what they say may be their most meaningful show of the year.

The band was already hosting a contest to play at a high-school prom, a contest perfect for ravaged Henryville High.

Students submitted a YouTube video asking the band to save their prom, and it worked!

The band says it chose Henryville not only because of what they've been through, but also because of the selflessness of other schools across the country who sent videos on Henryville's behalf.

"To see other high schools talk about Henryville, we knew it was bad, but to see them jump in there it was really moving," says Charles Kelly.

While Lady Antebellum couldn't play on the school's actual prom date, the band is making up for it with a free concert tonight at the nearby Louisville Arena.

"If we can put a couple smiles on faces, raise some money for relief efforts there for rebuilding that city, then that will be the part that we can do," says Dave Haywood.

Schools from as far away as Wisconsin rallied for Henryville to win the Lady Antebellum concert, and even students from their nearby rival school sent in a video as their way to help.

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