Labor rights activists protest on Labor Day


POSTED: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 2:16pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 7:17am

Dozens of labor rights activists are celebrating what they call a victory over a local bakery.  

Laura Sofia Sanchez-Martinez says she was fired from her job at the RGV Cupcake Factory in McAllen under illegal circumstances.  She says she was let go after asking about getting a raise and how tips should be dispersed to employees. 

"I had to file about a year's worth of paperwork and after a year and a half, I finally started getting calls from the Cupcake Factory trying to settle out of court," Sanchez-Martinez said. 

The RGV Cupcake Factory would not be reached for comment.  

Part of the settlement was to have a labor rights sheet displayed for workers.  It says that employees have the right to form a union and choose a representative to bargain on their behalf.  

"Workers have every right to organize. We want the public to know that," said Hector Guzman Lopez, a coordinator for the Fuerza Del Valle Workers' Center. "If you're at a job, your best protection is to organize, form a group, a committee, whatever.  Advocate for your rights.  If they fire you for that, that's against the law."  

Fuerza Del Valle wants workers in the Valley to know that if you worked, you should get paid for it.

"They both helped me to realize that this was not my fault," Sanchez-Martinez said. "This was unfair labor practices at its finest." 

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