La Union Del Pueblo Entero to Fight Against Texas House Bill 17

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 11:03am

Could the Sate of Texas have an Arizona type immigration law on the books after the 2011 legislative session? That's the hope of some state representatives, but some leaders here in the Valley are gearing up to fight against it, Josh Navarro has more.

Coalition leader from across the upper Valley were banning together on Monday in Weslaco to fight against proposed House Bill 17. The bill is similar to Arizona's SB 1070 which would give state and local officers the ability to ask for proof of citizenship and arrest illegal immigrants if warranted. Martha Sanchez, whose a leader with La Union Del Pueblo Entero, says if this type of law passes in Texas it would have a huge impact to the Rio Grande Valley. "All these legislation that are so anti-immigrant is going to affect because imagine if you in the stores and you get stopped because you need to show your ID, people are not going to be welcomed in this community."

The pieces of legislation was introduced by Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle who says it is time to enforce immigration laws and protect the people of Texas.
 Michael Seifert, with Equal Voice for America's Families says this type of law would have a huge impact to the Valley's economy. He went on to say the biggest growth in the Valley is retail. People come from Mexico to our border towns to shop and to conduct business with them and if an Arizona type law takes full force in Texas, Seifert says those retail stores will go away.

Eight other house bills including HB 16 which would require a voter to provide additional identification before they would be allowed to vote.

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