La Joya Mayor Speaks On Smuggling Issues

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 9:03am

In La Joya, The Mayor of the City talked to News Center 23 regarding tremendous amount of smuggling operations that the City experiences practically every day. Mayor Billy Leo said his Police Department is trying to control more the criminal activity at the border than patrolling the streets of La Joya and it’s causing a problem.

"We can't control the whole border. we got more cars working out there on the river than border patrol does,” said Mayor Leo. "Financially it's putting a burden on us financially because to the fact that sometimes we have some local situations that are going on and our cops are out there."

The wall that was put up a few years that stretches from Brownsville to the Upper Valley, is suppose curb illegal activities. However, the mayor said because the wall ends at the city limits of La Joya is probably one of the reasons why so many smuggling operations occur.

"So what's happening is a lot of the immigrants are coming in to the part of the river where there's not a wall. While the other persons from the other cities took care of their problem by building a wall in the meantime we're getting most of this thing,” Mayor Leo added.

The City of La Joya doesn't have enough money or the man power to successfully stop the criminal activity that is plaguing the city. However the mayor does plans to seek financial assistance from the State soon.

"I’m going to try to meet with the District Attorney just to let him know if is there any way they can financially assist us. We are basically doing their work."

The mayor also plans to meet with Border Patrol officials to see if more agents can be placed to patrol the border area of La Joya.

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