La Feria ISD to allow transgender student's Yearbook photo

La Feria ISD to allow transgender student's Yearbook photo
Human Rights Campaign
Friday, November 15, 2013 - 10:34pm

On Friday, November 15, Alesdair Ittelson, staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), met with attorneys from the La Feria Independent School District in order to ensure that Jeydon Loredo, transgender student, be included in his high school yearbook wearing a tuxedo.

The Texas school district initially refused to allow Jeydon to appear in the yearbook wearing a tuxedo and instead required that he wear feminine attire such as a drape or a blouse. SPLC and the Human Rights Campaign demanded that Jeydon be allowed to appear in the yearbook and threatened a federal lawsuit against the Texas school district.

The following statement should be attributed to Mr. Ittelson:
“We are very pleased that the school district has recognized Jeydon for who he is and will allow his photo in the yearbook along with all his classmates. This is as a signal to other school districts that transgender students should be recognized as important members of their communities rather than ostracized and subjected to discrimination. We applaud Jeydon's courage in standing up for his rights.”

In an agreement reached late Friday evening, attorneys for the La Feria Independent School District provided written confirmation that Jeydon’s tuxedo photo will appear in the yearbook along with the other students in his class. In addition, the district agreed to present its board a policy change that would expressly include gender expression as a protected category in its antidiscrimination policies. Finally, the district’s attorneys will request that Superintendent Villarreal apologize to Jeydon and his mother, Stella Loredo, for the treatment they received.

To arrange an interview with Mr. Ittelson or Jeydon Loredo, please contact Tiffany Thomas Smith at 334-235-5371. For more information about this case visit

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