Kidzania: Theme park lets kids do adult jobs

Friday, July 19, 2013 - 3:17pm

A Japanese theme park lets kids pretend to do adult jobs.

What better way to teach your kids the meaning of a dollar, than to put them to work?

Well, you probably shouldn't send out their kindergarten resumes just yet.

But you could bring them to Kidzania, a Japanese theme park that lets kids try out different jobs, earn their keep, and manage their finances.

Pint-sized paramedics practicing first aid.

Around the corner, young firefighters hose down a building.

At this theme park in Japan's capital,children can get their hands dirty trying all sorts of adult jobs.

We have over sixty pavilions and they can stop by and some pavilion to work make a money, some pavilion to spend the money.

Children select a job, change into the uniform, and after a spot of on the job training they are ready for their shift at attractions sponsored by real-life companies like Coca-Cola and clinique.

It's very fun because I can do a lot of things I have never done before

"It's a lot of fun, because i can do things i have never done before", says this boy.

Fun and teaching kids some financial smarts on the side is what it's all about at Kidzania.

The company says the park broadens the children's understanding of the workplace beyond their parents' professions and encourages them to be confident, motivated and independent.

While these kids work their parents watch.

And at "Kidzania" it pays to play.

We can work and save money so that we will be able to buy a lot of stuff.

"We work and save money so that we will be able to buy lots of stuff", these girls tell us.

The children's hard-earned cash is kept in Kidzania's very own bank. Which deals in the park's currency called "kidzos."

If they save up, they can use the bank notes on their next visit.

There are things you can only buy with Kizza and if you use all the money you will have to work again tomorrow.

But not everyone is interested in squirreling away their cash.

And compared the Mexico and other countries' Kidzania and ah for example kids want to work and make the money and save the money in the banks. But in the other countries they want to spend their money first and after that and they make a money. And big difference for other countries and Japan.

Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe has ramped up government spending as part of an ambitious economic recovery plan.

But it seems that his big spending message hasn't trickled down to Kidzania's consumers just yet.

These girls told us they have heard of "Abenomics" but they couldn't tell us what it was.

Still, they have time to learn!

No matter what career they might pursue in the future.

You can be sure these kids will take away more than just tasty treats from their time at Kidzania.

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