Kids Pay It Forward

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 12:08pm

Students receive cash gifts from anonymous donor, with stipulations on how they money is spent.

Students at South Dakota's Scotland Elementary recently received a gift, and now they're paying it forward.

One hundred students each received $10 from an anonymous donor the day before Christmas break.

While some first think of spending it on candy and toys, this money comes with specific directions.

"The letter that came along with it talked about making sure kids remember that there's good in the world and to continue to good things," said Scotland superintendent Damon Alvey.

Those stipulations were relayed to the students.

"For the new students we get an assembly together. We talk about that someone has dropped off a gift for them and what the letter says and what it asks for them to do," said Alvey.

A sort of, 'paying it forward.' While ten dollars may not be enough to change the world, some kids use the money just to make their parents lives a little easier.

"I used of half of it for my school lunch money," said Cain Livingston, "because I didn't want my mom to pay."

Others use their share to help out the community.

"I bought a blanket fo

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