Kids Acupuncture

Monday, August 15, 2011 - 9:02am

Acupuncture can be an affective treatment for a child's chronic pain.

A parent would likely try most anything to prevent their child from pain. Acupuncture may be the treatment that can finally put an end to their medical nightmares. His patients are children: teens, young adults, faces, and conditions that are a reflection of personal experience.

Dr. Mark McDonald says "she had abdominal migraines for about seven years and western medicine was unable to treat it or fix the problem."

Pediatric intensivist Mark McDonald trained in acupuncture after it seeing the impact.

Dr. McDonald says "sure enough, in about 20 minutes her pain was gone."

For his daughter.

Dr. McDonald says "brought tears to our eyes."

Brittany Smith says "I lose my vision I can't see I throw up I get sick and I don't understand how to explain it hurts so bad."

At 16, Brittany Smith had suffered migraines since 5th grade two to three a week missing school work and missing out on being a teen.

Brittany says "I didn't think they was ever going to find a cure for it."

Connor Talbot says "people would say you've been out of school so much Why?"

For 10-year-old Connor Talbot, it was chronic stomach pain. And over a year of traditional medicine before finding relief here carefully and purposefully placed needles.

Dr. McDonald says "it causes opioid release in the spinal fluid so just like taking a narcotic."

Only this, a natural pain relief along with he says a release of serotonin and norepinephrine for the most part they don't feel the needles.

Dr McDonald says "they're inserted with a guide tube it kind of fools the body the patient may feel maybe one out of ten and if it hurts at all we take it out."

His goal is making the hurt to stop and it's working.

Brittany says "I thought they were going to have medicine in it or something but no just the needles sticking you makes it stop."

Connor says "it's just amazing how just little tiny needles just does everything for me."

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