Keeping Your Tree Green

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 10:32am

Learn how to keep that perfect tree green until Christmas.

Everyone has an idea about the perfect tree for their home and holiday.

But once you find that tree you'll want to make sure it stays green through Christmas and up to New Years.

Christmas Tree Salesman said this isn't hard as long as you remember one rule.

Water your tree everyday!

"The thing is about the water is it's going to keep them alive. That's their food source. They don't have water, it's going to dry up on you. So every single day it can take up to a quart to a gallon of water depending on the size of the tree, but we recommend, don't forget to water your tree everyday," said Robert Garces, Oregon Hill Trees.

But you need to make sure your tree has a way to take in that H2O.

So before you drive off with your new Douglas Fir or Blue Spruce make sure the bottom stump is freshly cut.

"Once the client takes the tree we will cut at least half an inch to an inch from the bottom. That way, once they get them at their house, they install it , it's going to soak up a lot of water," said Garces. 

But water isn't the only trick when trying to avoid brown needles.

Also remember that these trees like cooler weather. So when you get home with the tree, make sure you keep them out of any direct heat source like a fireplace, heater or even direct sunlight.

But with all this effort how long should you expect it to actually last if you bought your tree today?

"Well we expect all out trees to go all the way to Christmas and after Christmas. I couldn't tell you, that's going to depend on the person and how much water they put on their tree. The more water they put, the more alive they will be," said Garces.

So as your adding gifts for family and friends around your tree, don't forget to add a little H2O to help keep your tree fresh and strong.

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