Keeping Reptiles Cozy

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 11:47am

Arizona zookeepers herd tortoises and wrangle crocodiles into shelters ahead of cold snap.

Ever try herding tortoises?

It's like herding cats, only you can't pick them up.

At the Phoenix Herpetological Society every animal has to be tucked in tight before it gets too cold as winter weather moves into the region.

Reptiles can't regulate their own body heat, so the tortoises get houses and heat lamps.

The lizards get heating pads and the crocodiles have hot tubs.

"All they need is enough water to submerge themselves and they're fine," says caretaker Dan Marchand.

When it's really cold someone checks on the animals every few hours to make sure they haven't come back out.

"I usually don't sleep too sound during the night knowing it's going to be cold," Marchand says.

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