Keeping Holiday Pounds Away

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 11:58am

A few simple diet tips can help you avoid packing on the pounds.

Are you digging out your elasto-waist sweat pants for the post-Thanksgiving fall out?

That may not be necessary if you can follow a few simple tips.

Studies show the average American consumes 4,000 calories during Thanksgiving dinner, the equivalent of three sticks of butter!

There are simple ways to add some health to your holiday without sacrificing tradition.

Serving a veggie platter or salad while the turkey timer ticks is one way you can save calories for later use on your favorite pie or side dish.

When it comes time for the big meal, experts at Wake Forest University say sticking to small servings of traditional holiday foods should help ease the load.

Also, don't feel pressured to finish your plate.

"If you have to freeze your leftovers and portion those out over the next week, that's a better idea than over consuming the day of," says Wake Forest dietitian Mara Vitolins.

And finally, don't sit around and watch football. Go out and play!

Experts say you shouldn't guilt yourself into trying to los* pounds over the holiday.

Instead, the goal should be to maintain your current weight.

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