Judge Carlos Cascos Says Votes That Didn't Make It To Summary Sheet Give Him The Win


POSTED: Monday, November 22, 2010 - 10:56pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 12:26pm

Monday night Judge Carlos Cascos met with election administrator Roger Ortiz. Cascos says something didn’t seem right with the numbers.

"66 Republican votes were not counted during the early vote process in Port Isabel were not counted during the recount, they were on the tally sheet but didn’t not make it to the summary report. Cameron Park the same thing mathematical error not counted for me."

Cascos showed us his sheet with the numbers which he says with those numbers will put him ahead.

"Where it says Republican straight 149 versus 215, Cameron Park 85 versus 88."

Then after Judge Cascos met with Ortiz John Wood, Cascos, and Ortiz went into talk together.
When they came out we talked with Roger Ortiz.

"In the beginning of Pct. 54 I missed it and I missed in calling him, and whenever anybody was verifying it they also missed it. Judge Cascos was telling me it was done 2 to 3 times by other people and it was missed too, so what we are trying to do now is from the beginning I want to do the correct thing and want to make sure that everything is out and that what’s we are doing now.

Cascos, Wood...and Ortiz have decided this is the next step.

"We have decided amongst ourselves that each camp is going to go back and verify information on the tally sheet to the spread sheet Mr. Ortiz has done, I will do mine commissioner Wood his, Roger is going to do his, and then we will make a joint decision after the recount of box 54.

They are over 100 tally sheets that will be looked at. This is Wood's response to the new developments

"That’s pretty clear and we are going to do the recount for box 54 so voters and everyone involved understands all the votes are counted and included and then we will make a statement after 54."

A joint decision will be made after the recount of box 54 at 3 PM Tuesday.


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This has been the most poorly handled count ever! At the very least, it will go down as a gross case of ineptitude by our elections administrator and his cohorts. What a shame it is that we don't have people who are solely interested in doing the right thing...it's no wonder that we can't seem to get out of our rut. Thank goodness that the people finally decided to react!

That is why Casco should be in charge he can count unlike Ortiz, Hinojosa, and Wood. It's over you guys have been busted twice for trying to twist an election. Ortiz ran out of hands so he couldn't finish counting the rigged election its over Wood throw in the towel and save what you have left.

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